Statement of Faith


Purpose of the Statement of Faith

1 Corinthians 1:10  -  So that we are all speaking the same thing. 

Amos 3:3  -  So that we are all walking in agreement. 

Psalm 133:1  -  To be in the unity of the faith. 


1. The Holy Scriptures

2. The Trinity

3. The Deity of Christ

4. The Virgin Birth

5. Christ died for our sins

6. The bodily resurrection and ascension of Christ

7. The fall of man

8. The baptism in the Holy Spirit

9. All believers are to walk by faith

10. All believers have dominion over sin, Satan, and self

11. All believers should walk in Holiness and Purity

12. All believers have the promise of prosperity

13. The sacred tithe

14. Jesus is the Head of the church

15. The fivefold ministry

16. Jesus is coming for the church

17. Jesus is the only way to heaven

18. The sacraments and ordinances

19. The institution of the Home

20. Eternal Judgement

21. The Lord's second coming

22. The Millennial Reign 

23. The house of God

For the full, in depth version of the Statement of Faith, please view the PDF "Statement of Faith"